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My Playlist [24 Apr 2005|09:21am]
Playlist is in order. Don't request too much please. Limit is 5 per person.

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この宿題つまんあい。。。 [10 Apr 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Okay I know some of this may be incorrect just bare with me. It's my first time translating a song. And it took me forever. ^^v

Your Vanilla

Cute  Your Breast  Its beloved life

Violently painfully wanting to see violently violently searching for it
Coldly gently searching for desire coldly coldly searching for it

Beloved  your breast  its hateful life

Violently painfully trying to make love violently violently making love
Coldly gently wanting love genlty genlty making love

Crimson  burned  vanilla  your left breast is hot

Though life is short tell our love with our lips
Until the flame goes out I'll burn for you

Water air light and love pure and harmful  relying on dreams  I love you

Crimson  convulsion  vanilla  your left breast is hot

Though life is short tell our love with our lips
Until the flame goes out I'll burn for you

Since life is short tip of the tongue touches that breast(chest)
Until the flame goes out I'll make you desire me

Water air light and love pure and harmful  relying on dreams  I love you


Kimi no Vanilla

kawaii  kimi no mune  sono inochi  itoshii

hageshiku setsunaku motomete mitai  hageshiku hageshiku motomete
tsumetaku yasashiku motomete hoshii  tsumetaku tsumetaku motomete

itoshii  kimi no mune  sono inochi  nikurashii

hageshiku setsunaku aishite mitai  hageshiku hageshiku aishite
tsumetaku yasashiku aishite hoshii  yasashiku yasashiku aishite

akaku  juuketsu shiteru vanilla  hidarimune ga atsui

tatoeba inochi mijikashi  kuchibiru de ai o tsutaeyou
honoo ga kieru sore made  anata no tame ni moyashite

mizu kuuki hikari to  ai kate ikigai  yume yoku yorokobi  anata ga daisuki

akaku  keiren shiteru vanilla  hidarimune ga atsui

tatoeba inochi mijikashi  kuchibiru de ai o tsutaeyou
honoo ga kieru sore made  anata no tame ni moyashite

tatoeba inochi mijikashi  shitasaki de fureru sono mune
honoo ga kieru sore made  watashi no tame ni togarase

mizu kuuki hikari to ai kate ikigai yume yoku yorokobi  anata ga daisuki

I even uploaded the song for anyone that hasn't heard it before.(it's very addicting!)

Buck-Tick - Kimi no Vanilla

I'll see if I can fix it some more...

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@_@ [26 Feb 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Holy crap, maybe I should never take a nap on Fridays ever again. I ended up waking up 20 hours later. >_> (Gomen nasai Anna-chan >_<) I had a really weird dream though. e_e I dreamt there was some sort of J-Rock toy store. o_O There was so many hide plushies everywhere XD Not to mention there was Dir en Grey plushies and Malice Mizer plushies. They even had Mana barbie dolls lol Man it was so great XD I was buying stuff like crazy. The saddest part was waking up and not finding the stuff you bought there. T_T

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday and bought a few things with the left over money my Grandma gave me for my Birthday. I bought some Opaque Paint Markers(so that I could paint that nuclear sign thingie on my army jacket for my cosplay) and an old Offspring cd "Smash" it's been a very long time since I listened to them especially their old stuff ^^v Anyway, I might have to buy bright suspenderes for my hide cosplay since I remember hide use to wear really bright ones. I saw a bright red one at the Army/Navy store. I'll see if I can buy it. :x

Dude I made another icon finally XD Ah and just coz I feel like it here's a picture of my awesome Pilz-E shirt XD

 If you have no idea what I'm talking about go here

Oh btw, I went to the post office and guess what happened? I finally recieved my Arena37 magazine that I got from ebay! XD I was suppose to recieve it last January 26th they sent me a letter about it but I never recieved it >__< They told me they were almost going to send it back to the owner. T_T Anyway, I scanned the hide pages. So if any of you are going to use them please please make sure to give me credit for scanning them. Since I was the one who bought it and no it wasn't cheap. >_<

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眠い [10 Jan 2005|04:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Oh man I have so much shit to post I never actually got the time to post anything since I've been so busy especially with homework and studying o_<; Anyway, I finally got the Last Live DVD I cried my eyes out when I watched it... T_T But all in all it was a great concert ^____^ For anyone that hasn't watched it yet you must! Even if you buy a bootleg version it's still worth it! hide is filled with so much dorkyness X3 That just makes me love him even more <333 Oh I also got my hide plushie too XD Although I haven't gotten my hide magazine yet which is really buging me o_< I hope it arrives soon... I bought a beanie hat that kind of resembles hide's beanie hat(You know the one he use to wear that looked kind of like little fox ears or something lol) Well there isn't string attached to the ends of the beanie which made me disapointed but I think I'll be able to make one on both of the sides and hopefully sew it on there XD Also I'm planning on posting a few of my paintings and pictures of me in a skirt maybe later today so keep a look out ne? XD Btw, my father is kicking me off the pc so I gotta post this up fast >___<

I was really really bored last night since my father was hogging the computer from me I decided that I'd make a little play called...


Yes you heard me it's teh Plushie Adventures!!! X3 Staring Sesshomaru, Naru, and of course teh loveable hide 8D

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^_______^ [22 Aug 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Konbanwa minna-san! I'm back from my vacation! My father thought it was a good idea to drive all the way to LA... -_-V He drove along the Pacific coast line. ^^; And also he drove in the mountains as well >_>; *is not a big fan of mountains* ^^;;; But I guess the vacation was pretty nice I got to see the pretty ocean <3333 You wouldn't believe how many cute asian guys I saw in San Diego and Little Tokyo X3 I also went to Korean Town and my god you wouldn't believe how many Korean stores and Korean people I saw there. o_o I felt like I was in Korea XD

Also I went to this small shop in Little Tokyo I can't remember what it was called but they had thousands of manga books everywhere o_o plus they had a bunch of J-Rock and J-Pop cds XD They were all muchos cheap too. They had used ones for $5 and they had new ones around $15 - $25 o_o I bought a B'z cd called Risky, History of Extasy 15th Anniversary, and surprisingly a Saber Tiger cd called Paragraph. X3 Also I bought a Inuyasha plushie keychain for the hell of it XD Oh there was this funny old Japanese guy working at the store and my father who is very baka was looking at one of those hentai magazine books and he had no idea it was a hentai one coz he couldn't read Japanese ^^; and it was in a plastic bag he kept looking at it and the old guy told him to go ahead and take it and my father was like "what? o_O" He then told him that he'd give it to him for free and then my dad kept asking if that was okay lol After my dad said that the old dude gave him another magazine book that was the same one LMFAO He kept laughing too XD What my father didn't notice was that the book said erm "ANAL" on it ^^; after he looked through it he told me that there was guys shitting on girls and stuff I was like "wtf? o_O" Thankfully my father threw that book away >_> 

Oh and you'll never guess what store I found in L.A on Melrose Ave...... I actually found the Necromance store!!! *dances* just think the very same store that hide-sama use to go to every week *___* But you know it was so hard to find coz alot of things around the city looked so different -_-; It's amazing how things can change over 6 years >_>; But you know I felt so nervous when I walked up to the store and opened the door. Also I was really nervous when I went in the store too. ^^;; Sadly the store owner wasn't there coz she was on her vacation -_-; But there was this really nice lady there ^^ She stated that alot of Japanese people always visit the store many times just to buy some stuff and especially the hidestyle jewelry XD It's amazing how much stuff they have there and I can understand why hide loves that store alot ^___^ Also she told me that they had a small shrine for hide-sama and said that I could leave a message for hide. So I went toward the back of the store and I saw the small shrine it was actually more like a memorabilia shrine there was so many messages everywhere on it. When I first saw the shrine I almost cried. .____. Of course I wrote a message for hide you can't really see it coz I wrote it on the side ^^; For some reason I had to take a picture of the shrine I had no idea why I wanted to... Anyway, I'll stop talking now coz I know you all want to see the pictures I took in California. <3333

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[23 May 2004|02:04pm]

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